Vintage Henkel Harris

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VINTAGE Henkel Harris Mahogany Recessed Tea Serving Table, Shelves 5416,
VINTAGE Henkel Harris Mahogany Drop Leaf Wheeled Tea Dessert Serving Cart 2602A,
VINTAGE Henkel Harris Cherry Round Center Spindle Plant Stand Reticulated Rail ,
Vintage Henkel Harris Moore Banded, Inlaid, double pedestal, 4 legs each,
Vintage 19787 Henkel Harris Mahogany Carved Ball Claw Cocktail Table,
VINTAGE Henkel Harris Mahogany Recessed Top Tea Serving Table,Pull Out Shelves,
VINTAGE Henkel Harris Cherry Recessed Top Tea Serving Table,Pull Out Shelves,
VINTAGE Henkel Harris Solid Cherry Octagonal Jefferson Flip Top Drum Table, 5400,
Large vintage Henkel Harris Virginia Galleries cherry harvest dining table c1950


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